My dd (3mths) has finally been diagnosed with breast milk colitis by a paed after 3 months of taking her to gps due to screaming and thrashing about in pain as well as nappies that were just odourless clear jelly-like mucous with streaks of blood. My first dd was sensitive to dairy so I have cut out dairy completely as well as soy as I'm sure that was causing issues too. It's been 2 weeks of no soy or dairy at all and although her nappies have improved, they are still stringy and mucousy and she is spewing as much if not more than before and seems to be having a bad flare up of reflux. She's refusing to sleep during the day and waking up crying like she's in pain after 20mins which makes me think reflux. She is on losec already though.
Should we be seeing more improvement by now if it's cmpi or should i try eliminating more or even do an elimination diet? Or just give it more time and maybe up the losec dose?