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    Default Anyone do PGD after multiple failures?

    Hi everyone,

    after a long break I'm back! So I've changed clinics and did a new cycle. This time we did a down regulated cycle. In the past it's all been antagonists. We retrieved 16 eggs, 13 mature and 8 fertilized with ICSI. We were able to freeze 4 at day 2 and transferred 2 day 2s, grade 2 & 3 which was another BFN.

    Quick outline of my past experience, for those who don't know. I'm 28 yrso We're doing ivf due to male factor. My husband was born with undescended testicles so produces very very little sperm. We did 4 fresh icsi cycles and 3 FETS which were all BFN. So including this round, we've had 6 transfers of day 2s, 3 and 5 day blasts with no success, 2 of the cycles were canceled due to no fertilization.

    my RE suspects chromosomal issues with the embryos and suggests we do a last natural FET then look into doing PGD. We've had karyotype testing all of which came back positive.

    My question is, has anyone done PGD due to repeated failure and has been successful? I would really appreciate some feedback as I feel like we're nearing the end and will never have a success..

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    Default Hi

    I don't know if you're still checking this but even though it is so long since you've posted I feel the need to reply as your situation sounds not dissimilar to mine. Long time lurker, first time poster!

    My husband I sought help two years ago after several years of not falling PG naturally. It turned out we had a male factor issue and immediately began IVF with ICSI. Three stim cycles later and over twenty fertilised embryos, we had two failed transfers (both low quality), one miscarriage at 8 weeks and an embryo that failed to thaw.

    After the first failed transfer my FS began talking about egg donors- a shock at the time but a sign that he thought there was more going on than the male factor issue. I'm in my early thirties, have no gyno issues and no one in my immediate family has had fertility issues which was why I didn't see this coming.

    On our last stim cycle (fourth), we decided to try PGD. They ended up testing 3 embryos on day 3 and all came back abnormal (got the phone call while driving to the transfer- cue minor breakdown on the side of the freeway). Our FS was fairly sure that there was some "unknown" genetic issue with me and talked me though other options- namely egg donors.

    My husband and I felt that we needed one more try without a donor, just to feel that we had tried everything, so we changed clinics and FS, just to get a second opinion (no real issue with the first clinic). That's where we are right now- the new clinic does PGD testing on day 5 or 6 and today was told that 3 were suitable for testing and we will get the results in few weeks.

    I'm not expecting a miracle, but hopefully we will get some answers from this round. I'm not sure if this post was what you were looking for, but hopefully it gives you more information about the process.

    Good luck!!

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    We did PGD and I regret it as we had 5 embryos and 4 came back abnormal. Ours were tested at day 3 however and I feel that since the testing is not 100% they could have disposed of embryos that were actually ok. The downside with day 5 testing is that you have to do a frozen cycle.


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