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    Default Baby forgets to chew?

    So many ups and downs with solids. Tried blw but she doesn't get that she needs to chew and after coughing up big chunk of broccoli covered in mucous I've been very cautious. 8 months now and loves to feed herself but almost every time I give her fingers of toast or rice cracker she bites off big chunk and either tries to swallow whole or forgets it's in there and gags when it hits back of her throat. I feel like we've gone backwards. She got a bit of strawberry stuck recently, kept gagging it into mouth but then would end up gagging on it again, finally it was forward enough for me to retrieve but I was pulling it out of her throat and the experience upsets her. Same when she swallows something whole she gets this funny look like this is too big but she doesn't know how to bring back into her mouth and chew. By the time it's back there I can't help so I have to watch and hope it's swallowed down the right tube. She has great pincer grip so I am cutting things up into nail size pieces for her and she seems to chew those!?!? I'm worried cus even non blw babies are supposed to be on finger foods now

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    She will be fine - she just needs to learn how to chew - because she's been used to soft food she automatically just try's to swallow the finger foods - which is normal but you just need to show and tell her - it does take a few weeks so don't give up straight away and I would try again with the steamed broccoli - but this time you take a piece and eat it with her, nibble off tiny bits and make big chewing movements , then a big swallow - and tell her how to do it ( trust me she will understand!) they learn by watching and copying and at this age it's imperative you all eat together and share the family meal and get her to try a wide variety of food

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    FWIW I wouldn't worry about her not understanding how to do it at only 8 months.. my DS is 12 months in just over a week and I have only just started letting him learn how to eat toast and melt-in-the-mouth baby crackers. He's been on purée and mash until now, and still is for his three main meals, mostly due to my own paralysing fear of choking. We've had a couple of incidents that scared the cr@p out of me (not gagging, actual choking where I had to slap his back over my knee!), but I can already see that he's learning how to chew, or at least let things break down a bit before attempting to swallow. It's such a horribly tense experience for me but I have to put on a relaxed facade for his sake! Just take it slowly and she will get there.


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