So I had an amnio today through my local hospital (staff etc were fantastic). I had a private scan at 14 weeks as I had the Harmony / NIPT test. My hospital booked me in for my 19 week scan with them. Just wondering if this might be because they didn't like the report from the private place (they picked up on a few soft markers). My harmony test came back low risk, so the only reason why we progressed with the amnio was due to the scan. However the private place I had it done at recommended an amnio and they also can perform the procedure (for $1000!).
So I would love to know what people think, do you think they may have seen something on the scan today before my amnio, although my sonographer mentioned you don't look at anything until 19 weeks (I'm 16.6) or they just wanted me to come back for continuity. Just some Opinions. I know I'm over thinking it :-)