I grew up in the inner west in Sydney. When we started having kids we realised that we would never be able to buy into the area I am from if I was going to take time off to stay home with them. So we moved to regional NSW, it's been over three years and I love it, we bought our first house - on 715sqm for half what we were paying in rent in Sydney.

We love the lifestyle, being close to the bush, but in town so we have everything we need here. It is less stressful and people are friendlier - I would never, ever move back to Sydney. Which is interesting - I once thought I would never leave it!

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Was it where you were raised, so you stayed??
Did you move for work reasons?
Move for lifestyle change?

I live in Sydney and DH and I are sick of having an old house that needs work, but anything newer/better being way out of reach financially for a very long time. We hate the fast pace, stress and busyness.

We've both started toying with the idea of moving somewhere a bit more rural. We could keep our Sydney house and rent it to fund our move. Or sell it and live almost mortgage free!! DH would need a new job though but he's a trady so should find something. Only thing is all of our family are here!

Interested in everyone else's story's! TIA