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    Ok I'm definitely feeling better about it. Thank you for the replies. I don't know anyone else in my circle of friends whose children are still having these issues most of them were night dry by 3 so I was beginning to get concerned but seems like its quite normal (I realised I shouldn't compare her to other kids but its hard not too)

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    Our ds8 is only just in the last few weeks having dry nights more often than accidents. It can be a long and difficult journey for a lot of us.
    Things I have learnt along the way...
    Do not wake them to go to toilet- it's not teaching them/their bladder to wake on their own when needed.

    Do not withhold water- reduce amounts and don't let them drink Litres before bed. But water comes from food and the body in other ways. It's not worth the arguments or tears when they are begging for a drink.
    At some point we all mature to stop the same amount of urine being produced as we sleep. If this hasn't happened yet, it doesn't matter how much or how little they drink.

    Don't make a fuss when they have an accident. It's ok, we will try again tomorrow night. Encourage, support allow them to feel motivation but not humiliation.

    If the accidents persist, perhaps return to pull-ups or evening nappies. Sometimes it's just less stress for everyone and they will come to be dry under more relaxed circumstances.

    Also- other things such as family issues, moving home, worries or anxieties can have a big impact on their staying dry.
    Best of luck!

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    Stop and give yourself a hug. It's ok.
    I'm in the same boat, my Ds is 5.5yrs old and in prep. He still wears a nappy at night. Sometimes the nappy is full, sometimes it has a little bit in there (just recently it's been much lighter and almost empty).
    I stressed. I still stress.
    But what can really be done at this age? It's a signal their body has to develop.
    I will seek help maybe once he turns 6ish

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    Haven't read all responses, but there isn't necessarily anything wrong. She may be on one end of the bell curve, but kids do become dry in their own time. It's a particular response in the brain which responds to sleep by clenching the muscles around the neck of the bladder during sleep. It's a response that develops by itself, as others have said sometimes not until 6 or 7 (I still remember wearing a nappy overnight at 5 or 6!). There's also a correlation between heavy sleep and that particular response taking longer to develop.

    If you're concerned, you could potentially speak to a pediatrician or another specialist to rule out any problems... but I'm inclined to think that you may simply need to wait it out.

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    This is completely normal. My dd is nearly 6 and saturated overnight. I chatted to my gp friend about it recently and she said she gives kids until at least 7 to start waking up dry before entering any other conversation about it. My DS was saturated every night until just before his 5th birthday, then overnight he was dry. Literally. He's never wet the bed since (he's nearly 9 now).

    A friend of mine had dramas with all 3 of her boys wetting until around the age of 9. She ended up seeing a specialist with her eldest. He didn't recommend restricting fluids as the bladder needs to 'learn' to hold large amounts overnight. Obviously don't give them a massive drink the second before bed but don't stress about restricting drinks either.

    I'm not making a deal out of it with dd. She wants to be dry but I'm not talking it up as I don't want her to feel bad about still wetting.

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    @melimum My DD was a nightmare at toilet training at night too. We went through the whole getting her up before I went to bed, restricting her water and still she would wet the bed. I cracked and put her back in pull up's after a week of washing the sheets every day, I wasn't mad at her just couldn't keep up with the washing. She was desperate to wear undies to bed and wasn't happy but I explained that because she was such a good sleeper she wasn't waking up when she needed to go and that her body needed some more time to adjust.

    We went through a packet of pull ups and she asked to try again and it was still school holidays, shortly after her 5th birthday. We still make sure she goes to the loo before bed but has not wet the bed once. Something just clicked.

    Please don't get too distressed, it will click.

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    1 in 15 children I think it is will still be wet by the time they are 6 and at school. They just don't advertise it.

    It is also somewhat normal to become dry and then regress for a while.

    DS almosr 7 day trained himself. He does have constipation issues, but has always been wet overnight. Our pead is happy, our gp is happy, our continence nurse is happy. Its only when DS is unhappy that its an issue, we did go through a phase where it really bothered him but he is back to being happy.

    If there is a family history of late wetting then this increases the likelihood of late wetting in your children also.

    Time is the key to becoming dry. You can't force it and may do more harm in trying.

    Good luck.

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