Hi all,
I am about to go into my second year of university at Monash and am currently studying a Bachelor of Nursing/Midwifery. As part of this course, I am required to follow 20 women through their pregnancies as well as up to 6 weeks post-birth. This involves attending any appointments such as ultrasound scans, obstetrician appointments, antenatal and post-natal appointments, birth classes and possibly the birth if you are willing (this is entirely up to each woman and her family and I completely understand if you do not want me to attend the birth). These follow-throughs will help me to gain experience and knowledge about each stage of pregnancy and I would greatly appreciate anybody who is willing to have me follow their pregnancy, ideally from before 20 weeks along. I live in the south-east suburbs of Melbourne but am willing to travel for appointments also.

Feel free to email me if you'd like to know more, at sjlio3@student.monash.edu

Thanks heaps,