For every practical reason I can think of, we should be done. I have surprised myself by considering a third - I am not good with new babies, I struggle to cope. But DS is 6mo now and is so easy and fun to look after. DD is 3.5 and awesome.

We have 1 frozen embryo left. I think if we had none or 20, it would be an easier decision but I feel really sad when I consider discarding that embryo.

Is it really tough having 3? Is there a lot of sacrifice in terms of time spent with each child?

Money isn't really an issue for us and we'll be moving into a bigger house soon so no space issues either. I am studying though (via distance, only 1 subject per semester) and want to be able to continue with it, possibly increasing my study load so I can finish earlier.

If you had control of my life what would you decide??