Hi everyone.
I wonder if anyone out there knows of a GP who delivers at (preferably) Joondalup Private or St John of God, Subiaco.
When I had my first baby we went with a private OB at Joondalup. She was great, but expensive. $100 - $200 appointment fees plus $2000 management fee. Then referred for expensive scans.
For my 2nd child I saw a GP at a medical centre who had obstetric privileges at Mercy Private in Mt Lawley (now SJOG). So I only paid the regular dr fee $75 (minus Medicare rebate) at his surgery and no management fee. Plus he referred me to get my scans at a radiology joint which bulk billed (winning!) So I had great care at an affordable price plus had the benefit of having (c section) birth at a private hospital.
I would definitely go this route again but wondering if anyone knows if this shared care arrangement exists at Joondalup private as this is much closer to home.
I've called a few medical centres and the maternity ward at the hospital and I'm sure they think I'm mad. This shared care option doesn't seem to exist at Joondalup.
I hope someone knows something.
Thanks heaps!