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    Ohss is awful. I had 33 eggs collected and did a freeze all, so glad I didnt have a transfer as that would of made my situation alot worse. I was in hospital for a week and had a tube inserted into me to act as a drain. Not nice at all. I later went on and had a successful fet.
    Good luck

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    Yep ohss sucks. It def sounds like your clinic is pretty bad at communication and I would be annoyed at that but it sounds like freezing the embryos is the best option. I didn't have my cycle cancelled as the Dr didn't think I would get ohss (don't have pcos and only got 12 eggs) but they were monitoring me very closely as my oestrogen levels were rising a lot so I was in for daily blood tests for most of the stimming phase. Annoyingly I was an usual case as the levels were apparently not high enough for the Dr to think I would get ohss so had the embryo transfer then ended up in hosp for 3 weeks with a chest drain as all fluid was around my lungs. Knowing it could go on for up to 12 weeks as I was pregnant was the worst part. At least if you do get ohss it will settle down within a few weeks. Why do we put ourselves through this?! Xx


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