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    Default How do you fit in after school activities / shopping / cleaning etc??

    I'm SAHM finding myself sometimes jealous of DP leaving the house at 7am and coming home 7pm to eat dinner, chat to kids and quick tidy up after dinner while I put the baby to bed. I'm strung out trying to fit in housework / shopping etc and taking the older kids to their activities. Struck me that if I was working all that other stuff would happen after work? I read that thread on full time parents routine and take my hat off to you all juggling work and kids. But when do you shop? Do you have a meal planner / cook up at the weekends? Do your kids do after school activities / playdates?
    How do you find time for bubhub? I'm typing this all jittery as baby is asleep but could wake any second and there's stuff everywhere, but I need a few minutes downtime here and there? I had way more downtime at work ;-)
    I do notice now that both older kids are at school there is less mess to contend with during the day though now I have a crawler who is hell bent on keeping the house as messy as possible.
    do you ever just think ah stuff it, sit down and watch crappy TV with a bottle of wine and then wake up the next day and it looks like a herd of elephants had a party? Nope? Just me?

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    Haha yes, sometimes I do think that and just sit down and watch tv! Not with wine but usually ice cream.

    I'm lucky in that DF gets home around 4:30/5 so he is here if I need help around dinner. Once DS1 starts soccer in a couple weeks it will be DF taking him to training. We both take him to Little Athletics on a Friday and then have our own activities other nights. DS2 only has playgroup and playdates at the moment so I'm sure it will get harder when we have to organise 2 kids to activities and fit in DF'S activities too (he plays a lot of sport).

    Shopping, DF does after work. I don't drive but when I do I'll take over that and probably do it in the morning.

    I'm fairly relaxed on housework. The kids know/are learning they have to help out and pick up after themselves and DF has his days that he is really helpful too.

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