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    Quote Originally Posted by WiseOldOwl View Post
    Not all 6yr olds have that control though. I don't know what the answer is. Maybe all junior primary classrooms should have a toilet in them, but good luck getting Govt to cough up for that.
    My daughter has been busting occasionally when at a park with no toilets and gone behind a tree. Other times she has held on. I don't know what the answer is either. But teachers just have to try and use their judgment. I've been a teacher for 17 years and only had 1 child have an accident. That was last year. It was a kindy student. She didn't ask me if she could go. I always let kindy kids go. But she was wetting herself at home randomly as well. Last year my daughter wet her pants at school in the classroom because she was scared of the dead cockroaches in the toilets. The school had just been fumigated.
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    Default Question for Early Primary teachers

    I'm a 1/2 teacher. In my opinion you can read the children and their body language - when they really need to go, or when they're just trying to avoid some work. It's true, once you let one go, you literally have at least 5 more asking to go. It is extremely disruptive.

    I ask them to wait 5 minutes - usually the ones who need to go come back, and the ones who just want a free ticket out of the classroom don't. You can read body language too. If they're really busting, of course you'd let them go.

    As for people heading straight to the education department, don't get me started. There are so many avenues for problem resolutions before this. Changing schools isn't the answer either. X
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    Last year (in kindy) my dd needed to go to the toilet. The rule is to put your hand up and wait for the teacher to tell you to go.
    Her teacher ignored her and she wet herself.
    She was so embarrassed and ended up having counselling over it- she became petrified of having another accident at school, and at one point stopped drinking water.
    I spoke to the teacher and we came to an understanding where my daughter was allowed to go to the toilet whenever she needed without asking permission.
    Imagine if an adult at work was denied a toilet break and made to wet themselves.
    I'd speak to the teacher, then the principal before involving the det.
    Big hugs to the child and parents!

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