We don't school so we aren't up early each day unless we have things to do, places to go. We don't hsve a set routine but we have a rhythm to the day and we do eat at the same time ( we have at least one meal a day together)...
Eg kids wake around 9am... Have breakfast... We spend an hour (or less depending on what needs doing) helping to clean/tidy the house.. Kids plsy, do arts and crafts, sports, swimming etc (whatever's on)... We unschool btw..
Dinner usually around 6.
Kids showered around 8. My 6 year old in bed by 8.. Asleep by 9.
My 8 and 11 year olds in bed/in their rooms by 9, asleep by 10/11. My youngest (20 months) asleep usually by 11. Us adults in bed usually 11:30.