DD has been a good sleeper on and off but recently, she's been refusing to sleep. Flat out refusing. I share custody with her father, week on/week off. I live with Mum, we share a room and have a bunk (she has the single on top, I have the double on bottom) but the last few nights (at least since Monday) she is fighting and fighting and fighting. Normally she'll do it one or two nights a week, not every night. Whinging constantly from bed, begging to sleep in my bed. It's driving me insane. She started kindy about a month ago now (4 days a week) and I know this week she's slept there at rest time. I don't know if that's what it is but she's upsetting herself to the point of dry retching and I'm upsetting myself, blaming myself and feeling horribly guilty.
Is this something that will adjust as she keeps on at kindy? Could it be something else? A growth spurt or a phase perhaps?