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    Default Court to consider forced sterilisation of mother of 6

    Quote Originally Posted by Tamtam View Post
    Did you read my post? I never said it was okay for bbq tongs to be used in giving birth.

    But yes. workers could have visited. Carers could be in place to make sure perhaps that she take the pill to stop pregnancy. Or if she was pregnant proper care could be administered and the babies properly cared for and maybe adopted. I'm just throwing out ideas. Any number of things could have occurred before it got to this point. That's the problem. Our society turns the other way and doesn't step in for intervention until these things become critical.

    Mainly because we don't value people like we should, regardless of their intellect. Case in point with the poster who said she should be committed.
    You really think regular visits from a caregiver would help prevent another pregancy? That someone who had 6 kids taken from her, failed to get healthcare during her pregnancies, birthed at home with a pair of tongs ... Could be trusted to be responsible and take a pill each day?

    There's a point where you've got to admit that someone can't look after themselves regardless of the injustices that may have led them to that point. I think the lady in this story has reached the limit.

    Maybe if the lady had intervention and better support early on then she might have had a fighting chance. Maybe not- maybe her problems were such that she was unfortunately doomed anyway. Regardless she clearly can't look after herself and the point of softly softly community health support has passed. IMO forced sterilisation or committal to a mental institution where she will have access to 24/7 care and treatment is the only thing that will protect her future children and herself. Being a fan of committal doesn't mean I don't value human life, it just means I am being realistic.

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