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    My first pregnancy I did daily yoga, meditation, ate super healthy, no booze, had massages, acupuncture - the works.

    Lost that pregnancy unfortunately, and then went straight to another transfer - so my second transfer was preceded by drinking every night, eating like ****, stressing and crying a lot.

    I'm 26 weeks with that little kicky man

    What I find helped me deal with it mentally and helps me when thinking about friends on the IVF journey, is what my FS said - every pregnancy, every embryo is different.

    Different sex maybe, different combo of genes, different timing... I have a lot of faith in that, it seems from the success rates of both IVF and natural fertility, once you've ruled out anything practically that might hinder success like blocked tubes or endo, its about the numbers game and hoping you win the lottery (which frankly sometimes seems like it would be easier than getting pregnant through IVF).

    Thats what helped me at least in the first trimester - just telling myself that this was a totally different little creature with its own unique ability.

    hope that helps someone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kizmetzing View Post
    I am somewhat superstitious. I don't kind of plan it, it just happens. My first stim cycle, if I had gone to transfer, would have meant baby was due the same day as my step sons birthday. We didn't make it to transfer and did a fet 3 months later which was successful, making my daughter due on my birthday.

    Next fet in june last year, I started meds on my late father's birthday and transferred on my husbands ex wife's birthday. Bfn. Next stim cycle, transfer date meant baby would have been due on ex wife's birthday! Bfn. This cycle transfer was my nanna's birthday and bfp!

    Also, only wear matching bra and knickers during cycles. I don't know why, I just have to! Was also more positive about this cycle as it was the same embryologist that made these embies as the first round that gave us our daughter.

    Much more physically fit coming into this cycle, both dh and I. I was running 5km a day til my ovaries decided that was enough. No alcohol or caffeine for a month before stim.

    Having said all that I think I just got damn lucky. Twice! AndLet's hope this bfp = a baby 😀
    Ooh that's just made me realise that my last bfp came from a transfer that was within a few days of DS1 and DS2's first birthday.
    This transfer will be about three days before DD turns one. Let's hope this is a "lucky" time

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    My first fet I didn't drink in the month leading up to transfer, avoided pasta, potatoes etc and ate pineapple core after transfer. Bfn. 2nd transfer I drank occasionally, the day before transfer had a big glass of red and ate pasta, didn't eat pineapple core and bfp. I know everyone says relax and its hard to....I actually had a beer two days before my bfp as I was so sure it hadn't worked so who knows. ...was I more relaxed cos I thought it hadn't worked or had gone into it thinking it wouldn't work as the first one hadn't? (with ivf I think its very easy to get caught up in the what ifs). I did have acupuncture both times. I think do what feels right to you.....if you want to try everything because then you have the mindset that at least you tried everything then do that. If you want to be more relaxed then do that. I personally think its down to the right embryo at the right time but good luck regardless xx
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