Hi ladies.

I just put my baby's father in a plane to europe yesterday and we dont know when we'll be able to see or communicate with each other again. Its all very complicated.

But I am going on a trip to Europe in May and we are hoping to be able to get together and spend some time together again when I get there.

By the time I get there I should be about 22 weeks pregnant. And hopefully I will have found out the baby's gender.

So I'd like to be able to tell dad when I see him. By giving him a shirt that he can wear or something.

I thought if its a girl i'd get him one of those shirts that has the '10 rules for dating my daughter'. You know the ones that end with I have a gun and an alibi etc.

I'd like to get him the same sort of thing for a boy - but there seems to be little option in what to get.

Dad and I think very differently to most people. And if its a girl (what he wants as he always refers to the baby as she or her)- he will be blown away by the '10 rules shirt'.

So I'm after a similar idea for if its a boy (I think it is).

Dad is an artist and photographer. Hes competitive and strong but not really into sport. Hes a traveller and an artist, musician and photographer first and foremost.

So ideas please ladies.