Hi everyone.
apologies in advance for the long post but I need some advice.
I found out I was pregnant with an unplanned pregnancy on the 20th of January. It was a shock for both my partner and I and we debated on whether to terminate or keep it. I decided to go ahead with the pregnancy but was getting terrible cramping. They checked for an ectopic pregnancy but it all seemed ok from my blood tests as my levels were rising and nothing showed on the ultrasound as it was too early.
All was well until I stated spotting on the 29th and still had bad cramping. I went to the ED on Friday and had another ultrasound and bloods. They ruled out an ectopic pregnancy, my levels were 3000 and the ultrasound found the little sack but it was obviously too early to detect a heart beat so I was advised to go back on the 12th of feb for another ultrasound and if the bleeding got worse to go back before then.
I have continued to bleed and the cramping so horrible that Panadol and panadene fort hasn't even helped. I had accepted the fact that I was most likely miscarrying as the bleeding was slowly getting heavier and the cramping very painful. I was silly enough to stop taking my pregnancy vitamins and start smoking again. I went to the doctor yesterday for some answers and told her what was happened and she said it sounded like I was miscarrying but we will do more blood tests and see what happens as she has been surprised before.
i woke up this morning and the bleeding had leaked onto my clothes and bed sheets but then the doctor called me to tell me my levels are at 9000 and I am in fact still pregnant. I still have to have another blood test in in 48 hours but she seems to think it's all good. Now we need to figure out why I'm bleeding and cramping so badly.
i just want to know what the heck is going on and has anyone else experienced this?