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    Default TT-holding on to wee

    Hi there,

    Just after some advice and thoughts. My daughter 2.5 years has showed all the signs to toilet train etc. The last 6/7 weeks we have been wearing undies pretty much all the time except for sleeps. The problem is we haven't had any accidents because she has a great ability to hold wee in.

    She will play all morning from say 7:30-12 in dry undies, but her sleep nappy is very wet when she wakes at 1:30/2. Then she will be dry in undies all afternoon till her night nappy which literally only goes on after stories and before we leave the room 6:30ish. Maybe 6 times over the past 6 weeks has she been busting enough to do her wees on the potty. however if she was to wear a nappy all morning it would be wet.

    Not sure where to go from here, i take her out to morning activities in her undies and she still holds even when distracted. Do i just keep encouraging her to use the potty and hope she does? maybe try and get rid of the nappy for day sleeps so she has nothing to hold on for?

    I have tried sitting on the potty before day sleeps for ages till it comes, she is happy to sit there but by 12:30 she is too tired and needs to go to sleep.

    any thoughts and advice would be great.

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    When you ask her if she wants to use the toilet, what does she say?
    I would put her on the toilet very frequently so she learns to go there, how often are you doing so at the moment?. She may not have made the connection between "don't wee undies" = use toilet not = wait for nappy.
    I.e. Do not wee in undies... But I can wee in my nappy.
    Rather than, do not wee in undies... Use toilet. Put nappy on for bed just incase.
    If that makes sense?
    I wouldn't put her to sleep in undies yet, I think that'll end quite messy.
    Maybe tell her that she won't have a nappy on for bed and see if that changes her habits for the morning/afternoon. (But if she still doesn't use the toilet I wouldn't follow through.)

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    It sounds like she's not comfortable sitting on the potty, not relaxed enough to release, and prefers to use her nappy as her toilet, which is understandable if you think that, for most two year olds in the western world, it's what they've been doing since birth.

    Have you tried going together? When she is obviously busting for a pee, say 2 or 3 hours after her last wet nappy, sit her on the potty and you sit on the toilet. Or, if she prefers to use the toilet, have her watch you go then afterwards say that it's her turn.
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    My daughter can hold onto wees for ages too! When we first started toilet training she did the same thing. Things that encouraged her to actually wee in the toilet:

    1. getting a step/seat for the big toilet so she could use it just like mummy and daddy
    2. Massive cheers and praise any time she did use it
    3. A sultana if she weed on the toilet. Started out as every time, now it's just occasionally or for poos.
    4. Telling her when I went that it was toilet time...who's going first, you or me?

    Oh, and to start with I gave her heaps to drink (fruit teas, caro...stuff she wouldn't usually have a lot of) so that she needed to wee a lot, which gave her lots of opportunities to make the connection between weeing on the toilet and being praised

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