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    Quote Originally Posted by Trusty Chords View Post
    I went to a place and the waiter spilt a glass of moscato all down my front. I don't even like Moscato and geez does that stuff reek… No offence if you drink it. It went all through my dress and and it soaked my Nike Theas… Should have been a crime in itself really. I just laughed it off and drank the free beer they gave me then we all made jokes about the waiter all night always not realising he was standing behind us every time. I think if I get rude service or whatever I just pay and leave and don't go back. I'm not really a vengeful kind of person and the way I look a it is that's negative energy I gotta carry with me and theres no way I'm letting them ruin my day/night further so I just don't back.
    I actually did something like this a when it was my second shift at work, I was mortified but the guy was sooo good about it and the whole table joked about it for the rest of the night which made me feel way better

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    I have had some amazing places ... and some really terrible ones.

    Only a month ago I and DD went for lunch to a cafe at a shopping centre nearby. We ordered our food and sat down

    - the place had a very odd basin thing in the main part of the restaurant for people to wash their hands - and it was right next to where staff where bringing out food. Someone had spilled some food on the floor, and there was also splashes of water from the basin ... and a little old lady walked past and slipped on the spilled food.

    She fell quite hard and hurt her knee and hip - right next to where DD and I were sitting. I (along with several other patrons) got up to help her, and I gave her my seat to sit on as she was very shaken up.

    The staff looked at her on the floor, looked at the other people helping her up, and continued serving coffee - 1 walking around her to continue. We said 'this lady fell ... on the food' and he said 'oh ok' - and served someone else.

    5 minutes went by (we thought he had told the manager) and no one came out - not even to clean the food off the floor so no one else slipped.

    It was about 20 minutes before the manager eventually came out. When she did, she did help. She called the medic, gave them coffee etc ... but 20 minutes for someone to come and help the lady is nowhere near good enough.


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