I'm not sure if this is the right place to post but.....I need some advice regarding my 23month old's disrupted sleep which I'm pretty sure is due to separation anxiety.

Historically he's been a difficult sleeper but we've been fortunate to have had several good months where we could put him in his cot, he would self settle and he would sleep through, or at least could be easily resettled by either myself or DH.

Well, it's all about mummy at the moment, and dad often finds it difficult to settle our son, with screaming demands for mummy meaning only mummy can settle him.

I suspect this is normal and will eventually pass which is fine BUT in about 6 weeks my DH and I are attending a wedding and we will be having a sitter for that evening for the first time. Rest assured we have plans for him to get to know said sitter more however I need some advice about how to help get my son become settled and secure enough for us to feel confident to go out. This will be the first night out we've had together since our son was born.

Other facts -he is no longer bf and I suspect any controlled crying type strategy may make things worse....he's very much a mummy's boy and could be considered a spirited lad.

Sorry I'ved typed this quickly so hope it makes sense!