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    Default Mother's Guilt

    Gaahh this is eating me up at the moment. I gave birth to dd#2 early Saturday morning. DD#1 started prep on Tuesday morning. We were running so late because of baby and feeding etc that I only managed one photo of DD in her uniform at home. I didn't get any of her at school, I didn't get to stay a while and play with her like all the other parents. I pretty much had to drop her off and go because the bell went I feel like we both missed out on a really important milestone. She doesn't seem to care but every time I see a photo of someone elses first day I get sad and get the guilts. Just a vent. Its been such a huge week in this household.

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    You just had a baby on Saturday! That's a massive achievement right there! Congratulations! I think you did an amazing job getting your daughter there at prep at all, given the circumstances.

    For what its worth my DS started prep this year too and I only got one photo of him at home as well and no photos at school (it didn't even occur to me to be honest). Its great that your daughter was okay with you dropping her off and going. That's something that everyone's working towards because they're going to have to get used to that and for some kids its a challenge. So well done to you and your DD - sounds like you did a great job at starting prep.
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    congrats on the birth of bubba

    as MissMuppet says - you are doing super well to be able to drop her at prep and go. Getting her that prepared and ok with it is a massive undertaking.

    Well done you

    And one photo is not the end of the world. Its the doing thats important ... being there, caring, understanding, being the Mummy and having that relationship ... thats what is important.

    taking a photo and posting it on facebook ... not so much


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