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    Default *kinda spin off* Getting Kids to Eat Healthy

    My DS is 2.5 and started refusing foods from about 16 months and has only got worse. At the moment all I can get him to eat is porridge with strawberries, a mountain bread wrap with honey on it, corn cakes, yoghurt, toast with butter only and plain pasta for dinner I can't even grate cheese on it. He will also eat apples and grapes. He won't touch meat or vegies at all and last time I took him to the Drs she said I needed to give him a multivitamin as she was worried he was lacking iron so I bought a multi that's in powder form and I mix it in with his porridge every day. It's so incredibly frustrating and I worry about it constantly because he is getting very little nutrients but just don't know what to do anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elijahs Mum View Post
    Does he eat with you and what you eat at meals?

    ..... what most nutritionists recommend is - to eat together and offer him what your having

    .... there is no more dinner as that's all you have left and put it in the fridge and let him leave the table once you have all finished,

    .... the first night may be hard but after 3 nights he started trying more food

    .... he needs to see you guys eating what gets put in front of you and enjoying your food, they usually want what you are having so just make sure all you have is good food

    .....don't give too many snacks before dinner, they need to learn to wait and you want him to be hungry so he will want to eat
    Sooooooooooooooooo much good advice here!!

    Maybe if people have fussy eaters they should focus on *how* they are eating instead of *what* they are eating? And by "they" I mean the family, not just the child.

    @Angels4me have you tried the things that Elijahs Mum suggests?

    I've always eaten with our now toddler and most of the time we eat the same food. When we had problems, I did kind of what Elijah's Mum suggests in her post, so I know that her advice can work. For example...

    Our toddler started refusing food one day a few months, maybe a year, ago. I didn't offer him anything else. His breakfast went into the fridge and he had it for morning tea; same thing happened with his lunch, and he refused dinner but wasn't given anything else. The next day, same thing but worse. Only had breakfast that day; he wasn't teething or ill and I didn't offer him anything else besides our usual meals. On the third day he was back to eating normally. He didn't die of hunger despite having had very little to eat the previous day!

    More recently he's been eating very little of his dinner. I realised we were having way too much for afternoon tea and/or having it too close to dinner. So now we have less or skip it altogether and dinner gets eaten.
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    As long as they try it, I'm ok with offering an alternative most of the time.
    If it is something I know they will eat (which lunch and dinner always is), then they don't get a second option.

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    The advice I would have offered when I only had 1 child (a 'typical' eater) would have been so different to the advice I'd offer now I have 20 month old Mr. Fussy.

    DD went through the usual fussy phases, has some genuine aversions etc. We got through these by always keeping a variety of foods on her plate, sitting her on our lap and letting her eat our meal etc. If she was being super stubborn the food would go away and I'd say the ole "kids won't starve themselves" and sure enough she'd eat it at the next meal. She's 7 and has a good, varied diet.

    DS is a whole other kettle of fish. I don't make meal times stress times, but at his 18m check when being told that he's barely put on a kg in 6 months, I realised that yes, a kid can starve themself. If he refuses what I dish up for dinner and I offer nothing else, he will wake 4 times overnight screaming for a bottle. If I try dropping milk down so he eats more solids he just gets cranky and meal times turn into tantrum times.

    I feed him whatever he will eat because if he eats then he sleeps well, then he's happy, then he eats more and so on. If he's hungry and tired then he's 20 times more likely to throw a wobbly at new food on his plate.

    I try to make sure he's eating calorie dense foods (high fat etc). He loves salty food but will not touch meat in any way shape or form. I also switched him to white bread and cut down his fruit as he was doing 5-10 very soft poos a day. He's now doing 1-2 formed poos (still nice and soft) that aren't full of undigested food. He does eat peas, corn, soft cooked carrot and pumpkin risotto, but otherwise it's all plain pasta, bread, cheese, yoghurt, banana, peanut butter and other white foods. So his diet looks pretty bad, but he's gaining weight. He went up a whole shoe size in just a few months! So it's working!!

    I keep offering new things and retrying previous rejects. I'm not holding my breath that he'll suddenly start eating like his sister though but for now I just want him to keep growing - whatever it takes!

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    Thanks for all your advice! Today DS managed to eat what I gave him! And he even ate weet bix with fruit puree for breakfast! I was so pleased! Hoping to continue this tomorrow with more new foods added slowly.

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