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    My DD's (14.5 months) had all 3 shots with her final booster to come.

    When she first started having them the guidelines were to stagger them 1 month apart. As PP mentioned..the guidelines have changed as it's now considered to be safe to add them in conjunction with the other vaccinations.

    I still chose to stagger them as my DD is prone to running low grade fevers as a side effect from the standard vaccinations on the Schedule so wasn't willing to risk it knowing that high grade fevers were a *possible* side effect of the Bexsero.

    I also followed through with giving her a preventative dose of Panadol every 4 hrs for the first 24 hrs after the injection (then as required) in addition to the dose she had prior to the injection which is my normal protocol for her anyway when it comes to immunisations regardless of what they advise.

    DD had the usual reaction where she was very sleepy for the first day or so followed by irritability & unsettledness, low grade fever & injection site nodule,redness & tenderness which is more or less par for the course with her anyway when it comes to immunisations & possible side effects.

    I didn't have to purchase the vaccination from a chemist either as my GP Clinic's Nurses organised that. I'm pretty sure they already had stock in the fridge anyway?? Or else they just ordered it in. Either way...I didn't have to get a script & purchase it myself.
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    Default Meningococcal B Vaccine- Bexsero

    Quote Originally Posted by twocan View Post
    Hi. To those of you waiting until 6 months, don't you think that kind of defeats the purpose if you are planning on doing it anyway? They are at highest risk under 24months, so the sooner the better so that they are actually protected from the deadly illness you are vaccinating for. It is completely fine to give at the same time as the 2,4,6 month vaccines.
    I get your point. To me, there are 2 reasons, we won't be out and about as much with a newborn and toddler so won't be at childcares, preschools etc, and financial reasons - especially being on maternity leave and my dr doesn't bulk bill either it's $72 upfront a visit.no phi here.
    Also one less needle on bubs is a bonus.

    But I totally understand your point, but gp told me it was ok to wait till 6 months and she's very pushy but caring lol

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    We are flying overseas 6 days after his 4 month shot so I'd rather not risk unknown side effects as he did have a fever after his first lot.

    If we weren't traveling, I'd do them sooner, but a sick baby and 25 hours of flying would be awful.


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