Hi, hoping you can all help. My Dd is 21 months and is very clingy. She will hardly ever even touch her toys unless someone sits down and plays with her. If I just leave her she becomes very whingey and will walk to me and hold onto my leg.
The thing is I'd like to find some interesting activities for her to do but she also seems to not quite be at the level of her peers. She only says a handful of words, is very very introverted and struggles with some activities for eg. She can't climb onto her little push around baby bike, She has no interest in trying to draw/ scribble/paint. With playdoh she just tears bits off and throws it (I've seen other kids her age seem to like rolling it and feeling it). She doesn't do much 'pretend' despite me trying really hard. The only one she will do is pour me a pretend tea from her teapot.
Is this normal? I don't know what sorts of activities to try with her. She whinges cos she's bored but I can't get her interested in anything.
I should note I have two nieces almost the same age and they seem to do all the same things and my dd just seems to struggle with them. She qjust can't do the same things they do.