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    Unhappy afraid to take Clomid again...

    Hi all,

    I was found to have PCOS mid 2014 as I had not had a period in about 12 months. I took my first round of Clomid which ended in a pregnancy. Unfortunately I miscarried at about 8 weeks, had heavy bleeding and terrible cramps for a solid 2 weeks. I then put off going back to the doctor for a while because I was just so overwhelmed and did not know what I wanted to do anymore.My partner and I feel like we may be ready to try again, but I feel like I keep putting it off as I am super nervous. As I do not get a period at all, I was checked a few weeks ago and found to be back at baseline. I have been told I can retake Clomid whenever I choose. I am so anxious about having it end the same way it did the first time, I am struggling to take the leap and start the Clomid. I know there is nothing I can do to make any difference in the end process, and that is the hard part. How have the rest of you handled this anxiety and worry? If I do take the leap and take the Clomid, I feel like I would want to go unknown about whether or not I was pregnant for a few months as the first time I found out at about 4 weeks and it was the worst wait of my life! Or is this a dangerous way to go? I would just like to be in the “dark” about the situation until I hit the 8 week mark, so I don’t have to have that horrible wait.. Ah, being a women…

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    If you can find a good doctor who can do a pre-pregnancy screen for any potential factors that may cause a miscarriage this may ease some of your anxiety if it comes back all clear. If it does come back all clear then you can just put your past miscarriage down to an unfortunate event and that bub musn't have been forming correctly and look positively towards your next pregnancy. Most women would be offered a scan, but don't have it until you are definitely 7 weeks along or it makes one anxious as there may or may not be a visible heart beat prior to this.

    Many doctors will tell you that there is a 1/4 chance of each pregnancy ending in a miscarriage and that in 85% of cases it was due to chromosomal abnormalities. This is a load of rubbish as not all women have a pre-pregnancy screen (I think it should be the norm - a preventative approach rather than numerous women having multiple appts at the miscarriage clinics and d&cs) and they truly would have no idea of what the true reasons would be and what percentages they are as not all miscarriages are investigated. It's all a bit backwards.

    If you do miscarry again (hopefully not), then keep the sac/baby and ask for testing - but once again it is difficult, depending on your age, to get testing until your third miscarriage or if you're more 35 and over.

    I would want to know I was pregnant so that I could watch what I ate/drank and pulled back on the exercise. Early scans can also pick up what is going wrong and help to determine any issues/early bleeds that may need attn or rest.

    All the best x.


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