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    Default Tell me about your implantation bleeding...

    I know not all women get it. I know it can be unusual. I know you can bleed for any number of reasons mid cycle. But I'm curious of other people's experiences.

    I am 8dpo and have had very very light (pretty much only when I wipe) red/pink spotting for 24 hours. This is super unusual - I often spot a few days before af at 13dpo, but never this early - and temp is still up, so I don't think it is a random early af. I have extremely regular periods, so it is all very strange! I'm *hoping* it's an implantation bleed!

    With ds I had a lot of spotting/bleeding for the first 12 weeks so I can't really compare.

    So what was your implantation bleeding like? How long did it last? When did it occur? Was it heavy or light? How soon after did you get a BFP? I'd love to know

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    My usual period is super heavy for 7-10days, the first 12hours lighter for some reason.
    With both of my kids I had a light bleed (not sure which day as I wasn't TTC so wasn't paying attention) but around when I was due. Heavy enough for a tampon and to notice it when I showered etc but never got really heavy like usual. Both times I thought "yay a light month" as it's last about 3 days.
    With #1 I bled again (much lighter) a few weeks later - was 9 weeks when I found out. Pregnancy tests all showed negative.
    With #2 I knew the signs sooner so found out at 7 weeks.
    Fingers crossed for you too x

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