i have been diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome. i do not have any cysts, my eggs are not developing and therfore i am not having periods for months at a time. the time period between these has shortened but i cant pinpoint any particular time that i will get one. i havnt had on e in three months which currently has repeated so judging whether im late is not easy...i am currently on metformin and taking vitamins. but have got used to the fact that itll be hard for me to get pregnant.

i am wondering though, my nipples are erect and i have bumps on the areoli around my nipples. they are sore to the touch. last week i felt a bit nautious but i may of put that down to tierdness which i am feeling a lot of now... very tierd .. however i have taken a pregnancy test last week and this week and both come up negative.. so is this my body responding to my longing of wanting to pregnant... or could the tests be wrong..what should i do? am i just being stupid??