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    I am reviving this thread as, even though the mw basically laughed at me today and said "no, definitely no tongue tie" I still feel like something is wrong. I'm also confused by the notion that "it shouldn't hurt at all"
    I'm a first time mum, I can't imagine that any area of the body, especially one so delicate, wouldn't hurt a bit when being sucked (with HUGE suction!) almost around the clock.
    The first day or so I probably didn't have the correct latch so damage was already done. I got almost every midwife while in hosp to check latch and all said it was good. Told them about pain, they said that's fairly normal. Yet today mw says no shouldn't hurt and re taught me to latch, she watched me and was happy, when asked does it still hurt, I said yes, to which she says it shouldn't and made me re latch over and over. Can anyone tell me if they or someone they know actually never got soreness from the beginning? Mine haven't cracked (yet) and the pain is bearable but it's still very tender. Yet everyone sees his latch from the outside and says it looks good? Hence I'm writing here as I feel it could be tongue tie or lip tie. Anywhoo that was a big ramble lol.
    Please please find someone with decent knowledge about ties to check for you. I had the same issues with the midwives everyone just told me I must be attaching incorrectly if it's hurting. It got so bad that I was crying in pain during feeds and had to go to shields full time. I saw a lactation consultant who identified the ties immediately when I attached her. At 6 weeks they were treated and from the second feed afterwards (we used the shields the first time because she was used to them and wanted to calm quickly) we have not had to use shields since. My bub is now 10 months old and still bf'ing.

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    Gemjane a clicking sound can be an indicator or upper lip tie.

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