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    Default Court hearings & custody

    Hi single parents I'm interesting in hearing all/any stories of people who have had to go to court in order to sort their custody arrangements.

    I can't see XH & I agreeing on care anytime soon & he is pushing mediation right now ASAP.

    I'm still recovering from abuse he inflicted on me over the course of years & my head is still all over the place.

    He has informed me he is intending to file on shared care (7/14) and I'm wondering how practical this is given his work (away often), DDs age (4), DDs special needs & the fact he is yet to attend or implement any therapy recommendations (ASD) let alone the DV & his denial of any said abuse also witnessed by DD.. And the fact that I am currently a SAHM 7 days a week.

    I am awaiting my next appointment with my solicitor but in the meantime I'm terrified of his requests & for DDs well being.

    Without knowing any extra information.. Do you think a court would actually award this?

    What (if any) do you think if a fair shared care arrangement under the circumstances?.. None? Supervised? 1/14? 2/14? I have no idea & he is being incredibly pushy dispute my frequent requests not to 'discuss this with me again before mediation)

    What was your situation? What type of care did you & your x agree on or what did the court appoint? Especially interested in other DV cases where no previous AVOs were in place before seperation.

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    To start with I wouldn't be discussing it with him until mediation. Shut down all conversations with 'I'm not discussing this now'.

    As for care, whatever you think would be best for your DD. Maybe chat to your doctor or her specialist about it?

    My ex was emotionally abusive to me and neglected DD (we're talking not feeding or changing nappies for a while day). We didn't end up in court but came to the agreement of supervised visits one day every weekend.

    That lasted for a while, then he moved away and had a supervised weekend every five weeks when he visited.

    Now his visits are sporadic and I let him have the day (4-8 hours) unsupervised with DD.

    But his visits are getting further apart, so I'm thinking they'll eventually stop all together.

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