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    I would get him in to see the disability and councilling team. They will talk with him and write a letter on his behalf. It shows he is serious about fixing the issue. In my degree, you need to keep over a 5 and for a while i dipped to 4.8 i was put on probation but proved i dipped due to circumstances beyond my control. (Ex husband didn't pic up kids and i had to get to a field prac that had mandatory attendance or subject fail).

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    Uni's have GPA calculators and explanations about what each number means on their websites so if more information is required you can always check that out.

    The letter sounds like standars practice, I know a few people that have failed subjects and they have got similar. As long as it isn't a regular ongoing thing, your friends son should be right to continue on.

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    I hope they don't see it as coming off the rails again. Lots of students get thrown into the uni situation and fail, then they panic and think if they don't think about it nothing will happen. With his parents positive support I think it is a good opportunity to work together. Let him know it is not the end of the world (one type of assessment does not work for every kind of person!). I would then contact the uni counselling service as mentioned above. They should then direct him how to contact his course coordinator to see if he can any extra assignments to get to a pass level.

    Poor kid, I work in education and feel for him and others going through this.

    He might have also just bombed one or two units that he might need to repeat - but the GPA does need to addressed before the uni takes action and might cancel his enrollment.

    Quote Originally Posted by Awesome Queen of Amazingtown View Post
    Oh the whole thing is horribly sad. He went way off the rails for a couple of years and she was so relieved he seemed to be coming good :-(
    @btmac 'jolly stressful' made me giggle so much.

    Thanks again for your input and knowledge everyone



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