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    Default Potty training and daycare / toilet training at 18months

    I'm thinking of starting toilet training using a potty in the next month or so and wondering what the process is with daycare? My son goes to daycare two days per week, Mondays and Thursdays.

    My other question is any tips or stories about toilet training at 18 months.


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    I can't help with advice about daycare but 18 months (if I remember correctly) is when we officially ditched the pull-ups and our boy started wearing cloth training pants day & night. I've read that starting early generally takes longer, and it has, but he's a late walker and a late talker (only just starting to put 2 words together at age 2.5yrs) so I'm glad we started early. Also, he doesn't like new things/places and I think if we left toilet training till age 3 or older he'd be very resistant to it all. And I've also heard that if you can get the support of daycare, kids follow by example and will want to use the toilet/potty like the other kids. But they might think 18 months is too early.
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    DD started daycare at 18 months and I'd already been doing infant potty learning with her since 10 months. I spoke to them about it when I first went in and they were not too fazed as the potties/toilets were in the same room as the change tables. At home she was nudie bum or in disposables (I didn't mind taking them off-on as many times as needed each day), but I found it better to send her to daycare in pull ups. In nappies the staff that weren't with her all the time didn't realise she would use the potty 70% of the time and just treat her like the other babies. She went into knickers full time at 21m.

    DS is 19m and has been showing lots of readiness signs for the past month. (He never took to infant learning.) I've always given him opportunities on the potty, but as our rental home is 90% carpeted, nudy bum is pretty challenging. He only wres every 1.5-2hrs but has always done 5-10 soft stools a day, so our first attempts at nappy off days were awful! I've switched him to a low fibre diet and we're now down to 2-3 a day, so ready to give him another go. I expect he'll still be several months off being out of nappies, but if I can start building on the frequency of him using the potty I'll be happy.

    I spoke to his room supervisor and she said they will do whatever I am doing, just to let them know. I'd recommend chatting to his main carer(s) too see what their attitude is or if the centre has any policies that might make it tricky. Good luck!


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