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    Default How much does your 15 month old eat?

    Just wondering what everyone bubs around this age are eating. E.g what are their usual breakfast/lunch/dinners and snacks...and how big are their serving sizes?
    My DSs looks like this...
    Breakfast - porridge (about 1/4 - 1/2 cup) and one banana or a few dates and almonds blended in

    Snack - organic baby yogurt pouch

    Lunch - smoothie made with fruit and veges (about 250ml but doesn't always get finished) and a plate of finger foods such as a few cubes cheese, watermelon, crackers, dried fruit, tomato and cucumber (at least half of this ends up on the floor)

    Snack - some of those tiny organic rice cakes or something similar

    Dinner - try to make it meat and vege but I usually still have to mush this up and spoon feed it to him otherwise he just chucks most of it on the floor, if he's having a particularly fussy night and refuses it altogether I'll try to get him to eat one of those organic food pouches

    He is also still breastfed and feeds quite often throughout the day and night which I'm happy with.

    Does all this sound ok? He is growing perfectly and is a very healthy boy but I just worry he doesn't seem to eat as much as other babies?

    Does anyone have some other ideas for food for fussy eaters? I've tried making things like fish cakes etc but he doesn't care for them...he won't even just hold a sausage and chew on it!

    Thanks in advance

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    Default How much does your 15 month old eat?

    Sounds like my 14month DD

    Breakfast- porridge, a wheetbix or Cheerios and some fruit

    Morning snack - yogurt, Rafferty's fruit and veg bar or home made goodies

    Lunch- sandwich, sushi roll or something like that.

    Afternoon snack- fruit or popcorn or rice crackers or cheese

    Dinner - whatever we are having if she will eat it or frozen meals (spag Bol, tuna mornay, mini quiches, meat and veg patties, zuchini/veg slice)- whatever I've got stock piled.

    She is a good eater.

    ETA: she if bf 2-4 times a day on top of all the food
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    Default How much does your 15 month old eat?

    Today DD (16 months) had:
    Brekky: a cup of cereal with milk
    Snack: 2 mummums, raffertys fruit bar, museli bar, handful of yoghurt drops, packet of fruit shredz
    Lunch: 1/2 slice bread with cheesymite, bunch of grapes, 1/4 cup of cheese
    Snack: 2 strawberries, 4 raspberries, 10 blueberries, 4 cherries
    Dinner: 2 1/2 cups of chicken, chorizo and broccoli pasta bake (she LOVES it lol)
    Pudding: slice of watermelon

    That's pretty typical but usually she'll have some Greek yoghurt with her pudding - she ate more of her dinner than usual though so obviously didn't have enough room lol

    She generally has whatever we have for dinner - isn't much she won't eat. She doesn't have any formula or breastfeeds during the day. She'll have maybe 3mins each side at bedtime.
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