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    Omg I'm a little shocked with how much some spend but each to their own

    I'm preg with my 4th child other 3 I was given a lot of things so can't remember how much I would have spent

    This time I have gone mostly second hand

    Cot & mattress $50 (mattress was brand new)
    Pram & capsule $210
    Bedding $30
    Bassinet $30
    Swing $30
    Baby monitor with sensor things $10
    Bumbo $10
    Clothes so far $30 some new and used
    Avent electric steriliser $8
    12 Bottles tommy tippiee new $30
    Manual breast pump new $20

    Was given another strider plus
    Change table

    So all in all I'll be lucky to spend $1000 gotta love bargains

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrsA2B View Post
    Curious to see the responses as well! We'd budgeted for about $4 - $5k (and that was for literally everything including nursery decorations and some stuff that is nice to have but not essential) but that will likely go up a bit now we're expecting twins.

    Originally we were going to get a Strider Compact but will now be going for a Bugaboo Donkey - that's another $1200 right there! Plus getting a double electric breast pump, two car seats...

    However we're saving on some things like getting Ikea Cots, second hand armchair/lazy boy for the nursery, and some things we'll no longer need to buy (like a bassinet/cosleeper as they'll both go in the one cot to start with). We'll also be cutting out some non-essential stuff.

    I'm hoping for/guessing around $6k.
    Just updating this now that we've nearly got everything we need and I loved reading these lists before I was pregnant. In a nutshell - twins are expensive!

    We've spent:
    $2k bugaboo donkey twin (only twin pram we liked!)
    $900 for 2x IKEA cots, mattresses and a change table
    $250 for 2x infasecure car seats (on special at Big W)
    $200 for 2 ergo carrier/wraps on special
    $160 for 2 swings
    $400 on a recliner for the nursery
    $200 for 2 second hand bassinets
    $1000 on baby store laybuy (bed linen incl mattress protectors, baby bath and support, a good thermometer, change pad, swaddle wraps, blankets, a few toys, first aid and toiletries for babies and I, room thermometer, white noise machine, head supports for car seats etc)
    Approx $400 on clothes up to 12 months
    $150 on books (started buying these before I was pregnant!)
    $120 nappy bag
    $600 maternity clothes/breastfeeding singlets and bras

    We've been gifted a twin video monitor, playmat, bottles, steriliser, clothes, blankets and books from lovely family and friends at our shower yesterday.

    I still have to buy -
    Breast pump (spectra s2) - $260
    Nappy bin - going for the Ubbi one as it takes normal rubbish bags - huge money saver in the long run! $60
    Some more random clothes, muslins, nappies etc - $250

    We've also had to factor in several extra scans at $200 a pop, plus out of pocket obstetrician fees of $3200.

    I am too scared to add it up - buying double of everything adds up! But I'm hopeful we can sell/donate a lot of it when we're done as these will be our only babies.

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    The things I would do again is get cheap linen etc at target/big w NOT get sucked in at a baby store. They are such rip offs!!

    Also look at but swap sell pages, gumtree. They will spew etc the first few weeks. Those having twins don't buy two of the same swing. Buy two different things. Eg a little lamb and a rocker or a rainbow Forrest sound and another sounding one hope that makes sense as each baby is different. My kids are 10 months apart so I really still had a baby when I had my newborn again! It was a god send.

    I can't believe how much money you have spent on maternity clothes 😳 haha!! I think I bought three things all black and just wore my cardigans etc to accessorise.

    I had donkey, are you hiring capsules?


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