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    Default I'm lonely

    DH works shift work through the week so night times can be hard at times on my own. I also work part time and am pregnant with our second baby.
    I don't like being alone at the best of times but I feel that over the weekend we should be spending time together as a family and a couple.
    I dread each and every weekend as I know that I will spend a good portion of it on my own with DD.
    My DH spends so much time with his friends and I have asked him to cut back. I feel like I practically have to beg him to be at home with us and it makes me feel so pathetic, sad, lonely and to be honest unloved.
    Things through the week are amazing and then the next weekend rolls around and here we are again. We constantly argue about this. To be honest its the only thing we argue about.
    I have told him how I feel many times and it seems he just tells me what I want to here until next time.
    Its very obvious that talking about this with him makes no difference.
    Would it bother you if your partner/husband seen his friends every weekend and never stuck to what he says..
    I don't know what to do.. i just know that I can't keep having the same arguement week in week out.. 😭
    I love my DH so much and would do anything for him and our family. Am I asking/expecting too much?
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    Does his friends have young families so you can arrange something that you can be included in as well?
    Could you tell him to cut back to once a month with his mates and on the weekend with you actually have something outside the home planned so he kind of has no choice but to spend it with you and the family.

    Hope this helps in some way. I woukd feel same as you in that situation.

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    Most of his friends dont have kids let alone partners.
    Honestly, Ive tried the once a month compromise and he can never stick to what he agrees on. Today he told me its unfair that he cant just see them without there being some kind of time frame.


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