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    Quote Originally Posted by ExcuseMyFrench View Post
    It's not a priest. It's the pope.

    The cartoon was published after the news that the Vatican had a mole broke out.
    It was also a way to denounce the issue of child molesting with the Catholic Church.
    I took it as "a mole was able to break out(because im assuming the mole was a grown adult) whereas altar boys can't, won't or don't break out (because they are fearful of doing so)"

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    Quote Originally Posted by ExcuseMyFrench View Post
    It's not a priest. It's the pope.

    The cartoon was published after the news that the Vatican had a mole broke out.
    It was also a way to denounce the issue of child molesting with the Catholic Church.
    Thanks for the clarification.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hopeful1986 View Post
    Why don't people point out the fact that straight white ablebodied men are a huge threat in the West? It doesn't happen. If violence occurs at their hands...the colour of their skin or the religious affiliation isn't pointed out. Even if religion is pointed out, most of the time people just talk about the likelihood of him having a mental illness and whatnot. Guy shoots up a school full of children he's autistic and suffers from bipolar. A muslim man/men does the same thing it's an act of terrorism. There are plenty of elephants in the room people refuse to acknowledge. But if it's relating to Islam there is no excuse apparently.
    Quote Originally Posted by VicPark View Post
    There's a real problem with white Christian men being violent ********* too. It's just that they do it under the "I have a penis so I am superior" flag instead of the "I am Muslim I am superior" one.

    As for the Muslim terrorists it's all about engaging hormonal youth before they become too disenfranchised. As for the white Christian men it's about slowly changing how society views men and women. Get rid of boys and girls toys from catalogues, shame domestic violence perpetrators etc...

    I quite agree that straight, white, able-bodied men are a big threat but in the interest of clarity would also add a few more adjectives such as:
    - those that have privilege without accountability or social conscience
    - executive level management who have access to politician and senior public service ears

    The difference lies in the motivation of the perpetrator. In many instances, where there is a violent, bl00dy attack like what happened in Paris, it was undertaken in the name of Islam and/or to forward the ideology of their interpretation of Islam.

    When a white, middle class man goes on a shooting spree the most likely motivation would be a combination of factors including mental illness, displaced anger, revenge and a culture that normalises guns (thinking USA). An exception to this would be that awful, tragic case in Norway a few years ago where the perpetrator when on a shooting spree in the name of Christianity.

    When a white, middle class man rapes a woman, the most likely motivation would be a combination of wanting to exert power and control over their victim with a strong dose of privilege.

    (Note: I do not profess in any way to be an expert on such motivations and would bow to the knowledge of those with more expertise in this area)

    Whilst there are active men's rights groups, to date (and to the best of my knowledge) there is been no organised strategies using violence to further their cause.

    Terrorism, by definition, is the use of violence or threats of violence for political gain. So I would reason that where an atrocity has been committed to further the cause of Islam or in the name of Islam, it is an act of terrorism. (In contrast, there are plenty of instances where right-wing Christian lobby groups in the USA have used their positions of power to further their interpretation of Christianity, just without the violence. I'm not sure if there is a word that means terrorism but without the violence. I'm specifically thinking of instances where people are denied birth control in their health care because they work for a Christian company.)

    Quote Originally Posted by hopeful1986 View Post
    The muslim religion from how I understand it doesn't promote violence. We are talking about men who are hungry and desperate for power. Men who are brainwashed into thinking their God wants them to kill people and themselves to prove a point. It's not about progressing Islam, it's about progressing their own ideologies that they claim are Islam.
    The Koran (holy book of Islam) includes passages advocating violence as does the Bible. The prophet (Muhammed) is venerated as the most perfect human being and Muslims are expected to mirror aspects of his life. However, there are a number of instances where Muhammed orders or leads assassinations, battles and massacres to progress the cause if Islam. (Bear in mind we're talking about the late 6th century, early 7th century so wars and battles would have been quite common.) From my understanding (and I welcome viewpoints of anyone with a different understanding) the key difference between Bible interpretation and Koran interpretation is that Christians are given some leeway to interpret or contextualize the Bible. Islamic practices and expectations are sourced from the Koran, Haddith and the life of Muhammed. However, since the Koran is the direct word of Allah as given to Muhammed (via the angel Gabriel) it does not lend itself to interpretation or contextualising. In saying that that are plenty of progressive Muslims who do not and would never consider practicing some aspects. To give you an example, in 2009 the Yemen government discussed a proposal to raise the age a girl can marry to (I think) 18. However, the proposal was not granted on the grounds that it would be "un-Islamic" to raise the minimum age. They would have used the example of Muhammed who's youngest and often cited as most cherished wife (Aisha) was 6 or 7 at the time of marriage and 9 or 10 when the marriage was consummated. Contrast this to more progressive Muslims who would happily sever a limb before advocating their daughter marry at such a young age.

    I wouldn't like to speculate the specifics of how 3 men came to believe it would be a good idea to storm a newspaper and shoot people - backgrounds of such perpetrators can vary. I remember one of the most worrying aspects of the London 2005 bombings were that 1 or more of the perpetrators were from very normal, main****** Muslim families who certainly did not advocate such acts. From what I have read it is most likely a combination of violence being the cultural norm, madrassas that teach extreme interpretations of Islam (bear in mind that in some countries/communities what we consider "extreme Islam" is "every day Islam"), the desire to be a 'good Muslim' (their interpretation of Islam) combined with access to charismatic leaders who support such violent acts as a means to do so.

    Quote Originally Posted by hopeful1986 View Post
    It's also late Friday afternoon and my head isn't quite grounded, so sorry if I didn't get the point of your post (genuinely).
    No issues here

    I feel like I've written an essay and I need to attend to the kidlets but if anyone has any issues with what I have written I genuinely ask that they ask and seek clarrification on what I am trying to say rather than assume you've understood and make a fiery post in retaliation. If I had the time I would double check everything I have written but kids need showers, dinner and DH is going to be home any minute.

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    @Busy Bee the killers in Paris have been linked to Al Qaida, and the journalist/cartoonist was on the Al Qaida kill list...


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