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    Default Jumping on IVF Bandwagon 2015

    DP (26) and myself (23) are setting off on our IVF journey this year.

    DP and I have been TTC since May 2014. I had a history of blocked tubes so my fs Dr Dalton (Ballarat IVF) advised if still not pregnant within 6 months come back. With that said DP and I started having some tests done with our gp while waiting for our appointment with Dr Dalton to come.

    I had blood tests and and ultrasound with no reasons found. DP had semen analysis done and rang doctors for results, the nurse advised him that the doctor was happy and no further action required.

    DP and I were both relieved for the fact everything was fine but worried for the fact it just wasn't working.
    3 weeks later I had a call from my partner who was home early from work (very unusual, he is a workaholic). I came home and nothing seemed out of place in fact he looked relax and handed me a drink. He proceeded to burst into tears with the news his sperm analysis came back with zero sperm. 4 weeks since the blood test and his doctor only calls him in now!!!!! I was furious with his go but heart bled for DP as I had felt what it was like to be told you were infertile. In fact this terrible event has brought us closer.

    Since then we have returned to Dr Dalton who performed a physical examination on DP and advised us his testes were smaller than usual which indicated klinefelters syndrome. Dr Dalton ordered blood tests for Greg to check for chromosome patterns. He also advised us that IVF would be the path for us and to be open minded about a sperm donor if the result was not to go our way.

    Just wanted to see who else is out there who has had this experience or about to undertake this journey. I'm very vague about the donor processes. There is nothing like a little support group on this roller coaster.

    PS sorry for my rambling.
    2015 our year for a beautiful blessing

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    I just wanted to wish you the best of luck on your journey.
    We have a beautiful DD as a result of Dr Dalton and the Ballarat IVF clinic and we are currently awaiting EPU next Wed for a new ICSI cycle for no.2
    We have a Male Factor Issue with low count/motility/morphology.
    I'm sorry I can not give you any more specific advise re your situation but trust that you are in the most professional of hands with Dr Dalton and his staff. Keep the faith and stay positive x

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    I also want to wish you both the best of luck too @ suggest you jump on the Azoospermia thread. Lots of very experienced Ladies going through the same thing you are @ some new one's too. I feel sure you'll get the support you need there @ some of your questions answered too.
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