Hi everyone,

Sorry, this will be a bit of a rant....I'm almost 31w, went to the hospital on Sunday (on advice of midwives) as I had awful abdominal pain, they found nothing significant except my uterus contracting very mildly, anyway, fast forward half an hour after we get home, I get vomiting and diarrhea...vomiting lasted just on a day, diarrhea only stopped 3 am this morning (Wednesday) since Sunday, all I've eaten has been: 2 pieces of bread, a small bowl of rice followed by jelly (last night) and hydralyte, water and water ice blocks...I had a piece of toast for breakfast and have just finished throwing it back up....what more can I do?! I don't even know what's causing it.

Spoke with midwives yesterday arvo as we were supposed to start parenting classes last night but of course, couldn't go...they said I should only really worry if it's vomiting and just to keep liquids up. I am SO over being sick!!!!!

Me -26 DH - 28+ Baby Vee coming 16/3/15