Hi everyone,

Have a million things running around in my head and just looking for some other opinions on where we are at.

Here is our run down:

Got married in April and went straight off pill. First 'normal' period was not until May.

Went and saw OB/GYN as I've always had painful periods and they seemed to be worse than I remembered. This was June.

Over June and July had standard cycle testing. I have low AMH of 7 and I'm 36. She wasn't worried about that though as I'm young and on the TTC train anyway. Husband had semen analysis and came back glowing. He was walking around with a puffed up chest!!

She put me on clomid for 4 months to try and get me pregnant quicker. I hated it. Felt so sick. Was in excruciating pain when I ovulated. Didn't get pregnant.

In December she did a lap. Found old endo scarring and clear tubes so she was happy.

Now I kind of feel like we are at a fork in the road. I want to change to a fertility specialist as I feel like my OB/GYN has nothing left to try and this isn't really her field.

But I'm not sure if trying by ourselves and having fun for a little while is a good idea or we really shouldn't waste time.

Anyone have any advice??

Much appreciated