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    I have had the same thing happen for the last 7.5 years. I really just think the ex likes to complain or ***** just to be a pain in the ****. I used to fight right back at her and explain what we did and the story she is writing about is not true. Now I don't even really defend myself. There is not a lot you can do. I do know how annoying it is though, hopefully one day soon she will back off and let you guys parent how you parent at your house without her interfering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VicPark View Post
    Sounds like your DP's ex has her wires crossed about what happened. Either because she is a crank and likes to think the worst and/or because your DSD either intentional or unintentionally misconstrued the truth.

    I would let your hubby handle it. He could either ignore it or say something civil to his ex such as "there appears to be some misunderstanding about what has occured. Feel free to call me first if there are ever any questions about what has happened when the kids are in my care. It's important to note in advance however that we both have different parenting styles and that's ok."
    I doubt that this is the case. Otherwise it wouldn't happen at least once a week. She NEEDS to complain about something. I don't want to talk about other issues of the past, but I'm just going to say that her parents contacted me 2 years ago to say she has always been like this.

    A lot of the "problems" are when they are in MY care and not my DH's. She is actually less hostile with me, so I "deal" with it if it is something to do with my care time. With DH, she yells abuse and threatens. With me she just rants and doesn't shut up.

    Quote Originally Posted by vampstorso View Post
    If she is harassing you Im not sure what it is she could report you for?
    She can't report you for not agreeing with or entertaining her.
    If she turned up, Id not answer, why should you need too? I never answer to anyone who didn't arrange to come over.

    Maybe keep a diary of what happened and the backlash you received (a print out of her email, screen shot of her text etc) incase she does ever try and pin you for it (not sure how she could though)
    She makes stuff up. I wish I was kidding but DH recently had an AVO (she filed it against him) overturned as the officer involved was investigated for corruption, and a lot of AVOs were removed. This was for an incident that was supposed to have occurred 3 years ago, with no witnesses in a pub full of people. Complete rubbish.
    6 weeks ago, she reported me for hitting DSS. I have never hit any child, and certainly not my own! DSS was terrified when questioned. DSD said it wasn't true, and so did DSS. I wasn't there, obviously, but DH was. She (the ex) was warned for filing false reports.

    I know it's all made up, and the reports will come to nothing, but it's such a pain to have to go through it all over and over. And it freaks the kids out.

    We have started keeping a diary. As a few other things have happened which are giving us huge concern about the kids' safety.

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    a dairy is a great idea.

    keep a record of everything!!!!

    if she has a history of making false reports just to cause trouble, that kind of thought process doesnt just go away.


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