Hi All,

Happy New Year and all the best to everyone for a positive 2015.

I have been doing IVF for 3 years without success and recently got a second opinion from a new FS which it turns out was a very good thing. He recommended I have a Laparoscopy and it turns out I had "A lot" of endometriosis which had not been diagnosed Would have been good to know $30,000 ago but I am trying my best to just move forward from here as this new Dr has given me hope again after feeling like my previous Dr had given up on me. So my question is regarding the high dose of stimulation drugs he has set out for my next cycle. My previous specialist had always told me that 600 FSH was the absolute highest dose you could be on but the new Dr has prescribed both Menopor 300 and Puregon 600 as well as HGH and Clomid. This is apparently done quite regularly for those that they consider to be "poor responders" I am feeling quite confused as I have also been told and found through my own research that sometimes a more scaled back approach (like 300 FSH) can get better results for "poor responders" - Gosh I hate that term! It makes me feel faulty :-(
Anyway, just wondering if anyone has an opinion or any experience with this.

Best of luck to all.