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    It's up to whether you want the cash, and the lifestyle that creates, or if you're happy with things the way they are?

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    I went back full time when DS was 18 months and I was also travelling 2.5 hours in the car each day. I was up at 6am and getting DS ready by myself and off to daycare at 7am before I hit the highway. The first few months went really well then I got glandular fever. I think things could have still been ok if I hadn't gotten sick but it got too much and I took long service leave. I'm pregnant now with number 2 and plan to go back 4-5 days per week when that baby is about 1.

    Things to think about:

    - how far is your daycare drop off?
    - do you have flexibility with child illness?
    - how much of a consideration is the money? for us it was important and even though I was only back full time for about a year it put a big dent in debt and we managed to get things done that we otherwise wouldn't have been able to do.
    - is this a long term plan?
    - what are your plans if you don't cope?
    - get a cleaner
    - organise meals - accept that some nights are take away and that's ok
    - early nights. early nights. early nights.
    - your social life with friends and family will suffer - the time off you do have needs to be salvaged for family time and rest to manage the week ahead.
    - get a work uniform - have it ready each night as well as the daycare bags ready to go at the door.

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    I was fine with working 5 days probably because:
    - at the time I only had 1 child
    - my commute to work was not lengthy (20-30 mins one way)
    - I was working a job where for the most part I could leave after 8 hours, was always home for bubs bed time routine
    - my hubby pulls his finger out and does 50-50 of the housework when we are both home
    - I made my one on one time with ds1 bath time: I used to hop in and bath too, we had good fun playing together.

    I would gladly go 5 days with ds2 however it's not financially beneficial to have 2 kids in daycare for 5 days. The kids will be in care 3 days when I go back to work. Hubby and I are both having a day off during the week: I would be happy to work 5 days and have hubby stay home 2 days with the kids (dads can be just as good carers as mums) however we figured his career would suffer too much. So a day off each it is.

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