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    Default why cant he understand when i need quiet. He fights thinking its a personal rejection

    why cant he understand when i need quiet. he fights thinking its a personal rejection

    it can be when i'm stressed, sick, tired, concentrating on something eg driving ( i cant drive in peak hour traffic to somewhere new and listen, some people can, but i cant. )

    when we go away for the weekend most motels or holiday homes have one tv, sometimes only one room, and i am very noise sensitive and he loves watching documentaries some of which just have endless talking which i find gives me headaches. some peole listen to music or watch other shows but he likes radio and tv that are documentaries with endless talking and the noise is just too much for me. I've had hard life and my health is worn down and i need quiet and i get physically ill,( headaches migraines tight muscles) from too much endless noise.

    I bought him the best cordless headphones so he can enjoy tv but i can sleep , rest , read, enjoy quiet even while away and sharing a small motel room, but he said it would take too long to set them up and he stormed out and returned home when i couldnt take the noise anymore after trying with earplugs and then with industrial headphones, and finally i couldnt take it and just turned off the tv as i just needed some quiet already. It was actually my holiday and he ruined it and left me very tense from all that loud noise of a particularly loud and stressful program he was watching.

    How can i help him understand when i need quiet. there are times that he needs quiet or feels ill and i do everything to help him. but he doesnt understand when i need quiet and he takes it as a personal rejection or being disrespectful to him and he makes such draining fights. how can i explain this so that he understands.

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    you are talking about your husband/partner?? it is strange that he can not accept that you have this need for quite sometimes? I don't know how you can explain this, I wonder why you should really have to. ?? either earplugs for you. or separate rooms. good luck, marie.


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