So after being a few days late I took a home test last Sunday and to my uttter shock It was positive.

Took the last 2 in the pack the next morning and they were positive too.

Made an app with my Dr and did a 4th pee test there - positive. The bloods confirmed my levels to be between 4 and 6 weeks. 6 weeks isn't possible but 4 is.

Lets just say that after being told I'm borderline PCOS a few years back when I tried and lost an IVF baby I never thought I could have kids. So colour me shocked.

The father is away and doesn't know yet and won't be back for another fortnight. We have only been sort of together for 5 weeks. But got very close very quickly. Needless to say this was NOT planned and I'm kind of freaking out. Particularly about his reaction when I tell him when he gets back.