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    Quote Originally Posted by littlelove View Post
    I think first time grandma's get a free pass! Must have been an exciting time for you

    Boxing day was the day i saw my GS and it was so much fun ,, he is nearly 7 months ( next week) and he had fun with his presents... he chewed, sucked, slobbered, threw, cuddled many of them lol it made me all teary.... bring on Christmas 2015 and he will be nearly 19 months... THAT will be a BIG TOY year.....

    ps this grandma will always spoil her grandkids.. thats what grandmas are for

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    Quote Originally Posted by Louise41 View Post

    ps this grandma will always spoil her grandkids.. thats what grandmas are for
    That's exactly what my FIL said. I know it's all about our parents feeling good about themselves for being so giving. They had no thought about whether the kids would use these things or like them. Or to us as we have nowhere to store them.

    I certainly hope once our parents pass away that my kids will remember all the fun things they did with their grandparents, the food they cooked and ate together not the material things they received for Christmas and their birthdays.

    I don't mean this as a personal criticism, I grew up without grandparents and I wish I was able to meet them and spend valuable time with them, I certainly don't wish they were around so I could have more presents.

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    My children received so many presents from their grandparents and auntys and uncles that we could barely fit them in our car to take home.

    I spent Boxing Day sorting through them and putting some away to bring out throughout the year.

    They were given some things twice or things they already have so I will send those gifts to the grandparents house so they can play with them when visiting.

    We now have a whole storage box full of arts and craft supplies that I can bring out slowly over the year.

    I am so grateful that we have such loving and generous family members but it did take me a long time to get all the presents sorted and put away.

    The only presents I don't really agree with are chocolates and lollies for the little ones, I think they are unnecessary but a treat once in a while is not so bad.


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