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    Default 3.5 year old whinging non-stop!

    DS is a little over 3.5 years and OMG he's been whinging non-stop in the past 2 weeks about almost everything, and has been sooo clingy to me that I can't do anything. He would break down cry sometimes even cry in a distressed way if I can't go with him to the shops or if I have to go 5 meters away from him to get a coffee (while he wait with DH)
    Also I have noticed recently when he gets upset he would start throwing things around.
    This clingyness and whinging is driving me nuts.
    I am 40 weeks pregnant at the moment and I don't know if that's got to do with anything. Maybe he can sense the baby coming? It's Christmas tomorrow and instead of looking forward to Christmas he's just whinging all day everyday unless I am playing with him or cuddling him.
    Anyone else has gone through a stage like this?

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    I think it's an age thing, as my daughter does this too (well, I'm hoping it only an age thing and she grows out of this phase) and she has recently turned 3.

    If DD throws things I confiscate them.
    If she has temper tantrum, I try not to allow it to get to me. I generally make sure she's safe, then walk away (still in view just in case) and show no direct attention to her attitude.

    Hang in there x

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    Oh yeah, my 3.5yo is just like this, along with the non-stop talking. She is worse when tired, although trying to get her to have asleep brings on even more whinging!

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