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Ps. Tubster, you may find you labour very suddenly and quickly with your 3rd. As your parity increases (number of babies delivered), the length of labour is generally shorter/quicker (not always obviously, but is a good general rule).

I remember when I was working in ED, a lady who was pregnant with her 4th baby delivered on a trolley at Triage! It was that quick! I had to deliver her placenta as we took her up to the Labour Ward in the lift!!

Not saying this will happen to you of course! Just making the point that you may labour very suddenly, so don't give up on a spontaneous labour just yet. Not all women have BH either.

For all we know, you may be delivering right now

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Omg! What an experience!
With my first, my epidural was one sided from the get go! Good they fixed it without having to stab me again! That was soooo painful!
And the labor was just unbearable, the contractions were so strong and was one after another, I had fever, vomited the whole time and baby was distressed, they were going to perform emergency c-section but by the time they were ready for me, I was fully dilated! I was cut and tore and forceps delivery and it took forever to heal!
I was in the hospital 3 days prior to that and tried all other inductions and didn't work at all so result to the drip.
My second was SO much easier no pain relief and the pain was totally manageable.
I am having my fingers crossed that he will come soon!
Even though this is my third I am still petrified of birth!