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    Default WWYT - Grand parents names

    I now call all my aunts and uncles by their first names. When I was younger it was "auntie/uncle name". My grandad on my dads side I've always called "grandad name" but my other grandad, granny and nana are still just that. My DD has a nana (DH mum - same as her mum was called), pops (DH dad - same as his dad was called), granny (my mum - same as her mum was called), grandad (my dad - same as his dad but without the first name at the end) and nanny liz (my step mum).

    Maybe ask your DHs parents if they would be comfortable with nana/grandad and then their names?
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    I think it's up to the grandparents to decide what they'd like to be called. My MIL wanted to be called by her first name initially but has now added "granny" to it. Both my parents chose what they wanted to be called too.

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    If they love him as Grandparents should, is it really that big of a deal what they're called?? Is it worth an argument? Is it worth (possibly) disrespecting and upsetting them because they want to be called by their first names instead of a variation of Grandma and Grandpa?

    In the grand scheme of things I wouldn't think so. I was raised to call people "Mr and Mrs" until they stated otherwise, and if you called them by a name they had expressed dislike for it was seen as disrespectful.

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    Default WWYT - Grand parents names

    Quote Originally Posted by VicPark View Post
    It's weird to me because 'back in my day' calling older adults by their first name was considered rude. I think it's your hubby's call.
    Why would it be my DH's call?

    I totally agree that it's my ILs choice. But my DH?

    Obviously I won't bring it up and my comment about making DS call them something else was tongue in cheek (hence the wink and poking tongue smiley).

    I thought about it last night and I know why it bugs me. They are just so cold. Never/rarely show their love or talk about it. Never a hug or a kiss. So I guess I'd have loved for my little man to be allowed to call them something sweet like poppy x and mamie y.
    Def their call though!

    To give you an idea, when my DH told his parents we were expecting, they replied "oh". And that was that. No question no congratulations. Just moved onto the next topic. The look on my DH face was heartbreaking (to me).
    They showed up 1.5 hours late to our wedding ceremony when they lived 15min drive away. No speech no talk no gift either. It was so awkward to have my family that had prepared so much and them nothing.

    It's a cultural thing, I have no doubts they love their kids they are just so useless at showing it. Not my business to try and change it anyway.

    Thanks all for your opinions! You are all right. I will let it bug me but will accept that it is the way it is
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