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    Default Nausea & vomiting during period after MC / D&C?

    I had a MC and D&C in mid October which went well, I believe I O'ed just over 2 weeks later, and a proper period 2 weeks after that. I was very happy with the response from my body as I was told it could be weeks/months before hormones stabilised for normal cycles.

    With self perceived hormone imbalance issues, I was hopeful that this was indicating my body had rest itself to ideal babymaking levels.

    I sat out and waited for the first complete cycle (this just gone) to start TTC.

    It wasn't ideal, as my husband had 3 mates staying with us for the entire O week, but we managed. I got a positive OPK on CD18, and interestingly the same night felt sick and see now that I also recorded nausea on FF then. FF pinpoints O as CD18 according to temping, but my temps were low prior to (av 36.2) and after O (36.4) if that is of any relevance.

    On Sunday, 2 days prior to my period, I experienced nausea and run to the bathroom and vomited. Despite guaranteed vomiting whenever I drink tequila, and many, many /other alcohol related hangovers, I've vomited only a dozen times in my life for real sicknessy things. Of course, I immediately start thinking things are looking good but
    = BFN on FRER 13 & 14DPO.

    So today is CD 2, I felt a tad sick on and off yesterday, and today (stupidly just after downing maca powder that my body hasn't had for nearly 3 months) began feeling really sick about 15 minutes later, and I've vomited twice. My period was also slightly heavier on CD1 than usual, so I marked medium flow, whereas I'd usually be marking Light.

    Of course, it could all just be a coincidence and could just be a tummy upset with nasty timing, so I will have to wait and see what occurs with the next cycle.

    But I'm now wondering, perhaps some hormones have shifted. Is nausea around O and prior to/within period - is this a good or bad thing hormone wise?
    Did anybody else experience this after MC or D&C? Does it go away!?

    I had a 100% symptom free 7 weeks of pregnancy where I was practically begging for morning sickness to give me an indication it was "normal", and
    now I get it without even being pregnant - So cruel, yet typical
    of my dirty rotten luck!!!
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