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    Default Newborn - sleeping habit & routines

    Age: almost 4 weeks

    Just general questions, which I believe may have been covered in other thread but here it is.

    I'm the hubby and wanted to help out my wife with our newborn daughter, especially in her sleep.

    These days (at night), we noticed that when my wife is sleeping next to her, she doesn't sleep deep. I think this is because she smells food (milk). When my wife move further a bit (still in the same bed), she can sleep longer.

    The question is: should my wife sleep like this, to help our daughter to sleep more, which in turn will help my wife to catch up her sleeps? Has anyone ever use such technique? is there any negative of using this technique?

    I also have question about sleeping routines, which I will bring up after this question is answered

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    It's fine to have baby in bed with mum, as long as the bed is safe. So no heavy blankets, no pillows near baby's face, baby sleeping on her back etc. Ideally, mum should be sleeping close to the baby to make sure she can't roll over and get tangled in blankets etc

    Have you heard of the "arms reach co sleeper"? It's a bassinet designed to sit next to the parents' bed, so mum and bub can still be close to each other without having to necessarily be in the same bed.


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